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Must Have Protective & Safety Gear for the DIY Lover

If you enjoy doing the job yourself then you understand the importance of your construction equipment. Each piece of construction equipment in your garage or work truck has a very specific purpose and job to do. Serious DIY people take their gear seriously and take the time to make sure they are properly using and taking care of their construction equipment.

Safety Hat - The most important construction tool
photo credit: dbking via photopin cc

Sometimes these dedicated DIY individuals forget the most important piece of construction equipment they own – their safety gear. Your protective and safety gear has its own specific job to do and that is to keep you safe so you can finish the job. Here are the absolute must have pieces of protective and safety gear for anyone who loves to ‘Do It Yourself’.

Safety Goggles or Glasses

Safety Glasses - an ofetn overlooked construction tool
photo credit: Keoni Cabral via photopin cc

These represent the single most important piece of safety and protective gear available. You rely on your eyes for many things, and they are very vulnerable parts of your body. There are simply too many things that could go wrong during a construction project for you to risk not wearing protective glasses. Never take chances when it comes to your valuable eyes – always wear safety glasses. They say that 90% of all eye injuries could have been prevented if the person had safety glasses on. There are two major types of safety glasses. One type is designed to protect your eyes from hazardous liquids and gases. These are goggle-like and have a foam lining to help keep liquid from entering. These goggles are also good for dusty construction projects. The other kinds of safety glasses are made to help prevent objects like wood splinters from entering your eye. These glasses are typically made from shatterproof plastic and come with side shield. Always wear eye protection!

Hand Protection

Safety Gloves - a handy construction tool
photo credit: Ideanorth via photopin cc

There are a lot of different work gloves available to fit any project and any hand size. Many of these work gloves come with rubberized grips to make them easier to handle tools. There are form fitting gloves, long-arm protective gloves, Kevlar gloves and cold weather gloves. You can use these gloves to protect your hands from wear and tear, injuries, dangerous materials, cold weather and even from hot chemicals and blades. You rely on your hands to get the job done, so make sure that you protect them.

Face Masks

Dust Masks - a must have construction tool
photo credit: Public Domain Photos via photopin cc

Face masks can be used to protect your lungs and throat from potentially dangerous particles. You can also use them to help protect yourself from allergens like dust and pollen while you are working on DIY projects. There is a big difference between a dust mask and a respirator. If you are working with hazardous chemicals like paint thinners or will be around dangerous mold conditions, then you will want an actual respirator, preferably one with an N95 rating. Nontoxic nuisance air particles like dust and pollen can be avoided by using regular dusk masks. Don’t take risks when it comes to your lungs and your health – make sure you have the right face mask for the job.

Hearing Protection

Ear Muffs - dont forget this construction tool
photo credit: vernhart via photopin cc

It doesn’t take much for you to permanently damage your hearing. Many DIY projects use machines that produce loud noises that can damage your hearing. Even pounding a hammer onto a nail can lead to significant hearing loss. For very loud machines you should use protective ear muffs that are rated for specific sound levels. For less serious noises you can get away with those foam ear protection inserts. It only takes one loud noise to cause permanent damage to your ears, so don’t skimp on the ear protection.

Having safety glasses, hand protection, ear protection and lung protection on hand when you are working on your DIY projects will make sure you stay safe so you can finish the job.

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