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Guide to The Best Dremel Tool Attachments

Dremel 4000

The Dremel tool is one of the handiest and simplest to use power tools in any toolbox today. Those who don’t already own a Dremel rotary tool are missing quite a bit of the fun and convenience that they can offer. Originally developed by Albert J. Dremel in the 1930s, these tools have come a long way. From DIY to simple home repair and beyond, today, it is possible to find a host of different attachments that you will be able to use with your Dremel tools. You will find tons of great options!

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Cutting Attachments

Dremel Cutting Kit

When it comes to the cutting accessories, you will have quite a few choices based on the type of work that you need to do. You will be able to choose stone disks, small saws, bits for cutting, and even diamond wheels. The sheer number of options is amazing, but it has to be. The rotary tool, thanks to these different cutting attachment choices, is going to be able to work with plastic, wood, and even metal.

This will help them prove useful for a wide range of different projects from woodworking to model building and more. The key to working with the cutting tool attachments is to make sure that they are going at a slower speed; otherwise, they can break. They are relatively low cost as well, so it is a good idea to keep several of these on hand in case one does break.

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Sanding Attachments

Dremel Sanding Kit

Your Dremel tool can make sanding quite a bit easier on you as well thanks to these attachments. You can choose sanding disks and wheels that come with different grains for stronger or gentler options. It will be possible to remove rust from metal, clean tools, sand wood, and much more. The detail sanding brush is going to be a great way for you to get into and sand some smaller areas of large projects that a traditional sander just isn’t going to reach.

Dremel EZ Lock Sanding/Polishing Kit: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Cleaning and Polishing Attachments

Dremel Polishing Kit

Another great use for the Dremel is for cleaning and polishing. The rotary tool can make polishing fast and easy with the right type of attachment. You can find different types of cloth attachments for polishing that will be able to make metal surfaces gleam. Make sure that you use a polishing compound with the attachments for the best effect.

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Grinding Attachments

Dremel Grinding kit

Grinding attachments come in different varieties as well and include abrasive wheels and points, as well as sharpening stones. These can be quite handy for anyone who needs to sharpen blades, and to remove rust. Because these are more abrasive, they are often a better option for larger and more intensive jobs than the sanding attachments. Be aware that overheating of the attachment is possible. Always watch for signs of overheating. If you are working with wood, for example, overheating could actually cause it to burn!

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Engraving and Carving Attachments

Dremel Engraving Kit

For those who have some fun home projects in mind, the engraving attachments can be a nice choice. Different types of engraving tips and points are available so you can find something for just about any project that you might have no matter the surface. You could engrave your other tools, engrave on stone, glass, wood, and much more. It is even possible to engrave on plastic, but it is a good idea to keep the rotary tool at a slower speed when you do. For those woodworkers who love carving, the various attachments and tips for working with wood are a nice choice. They make removing excess wood and even working on intricate, small pieces much easier.

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If you have a Dremel, it’s high time that you started buying the different attachments to give your tool even more power.

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